What is Tebikii?

Tebikii is a multiplatform technology that gives tourists the opportunity to discover various cities around the world. The system is smart, user-friendly, interactive, professional and cheap. On the other side, Tebikii gives professional tour guides the opportunity to promote their itineraries in a digital format, so that everyone can enjoy them.

Who is a Qualified Tour Guide?

The CEN (European Committee for Standardization) definition for tour guide is a “person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area, which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognized by the appropriate authority”

Moreover, we strongly believe that a tour guide is… the city itself talking to you. (cit. Laura Galigani)

Why use Tebikii?

If you are a tour guide with an official qualification and love sharing your knowledge about the beauty, curiosities, anecdotes, culture, handicraft, and any other aspect of your hometown… you are in the right place. Sign up now and start creating your digital itineraries.
If you are a smart, curious tourist who is no longer satisfied with old guidebooks and won’t print thousands of travel blog articles… you are in the right place, too.
Click here to sign up and start discovering the world through digital itineraries conceived and realized by professional tour guides!

How to use Tebikii.

It’s not that difficult. You just need to:

  1. 1. Download the app by clicking here
  2. Search for the city you want to discover and select an itinerary.
  3. Go out and let us guide you.

I can’t find itineraries of a certain city on Tebikii. What can I do?

That’s easy! First of all, Like us on Facebook and share our page on your wall to let the qualified tour guides what they are missing. Moreover, use the field below to let us know. We will work hard for you!
In the meantime… feel free to discover another city :-)

Tebikii and languages, what’s the situation?

All itineraries on Tebikii are conceived, realized and promoted by qualified local tour guides. Guides are free to create their own itineraries and the languages according to their license. If, e.g., guide Laura is not licensed for Spanish, you won’t find Laura’s itineraries in Spanish. No worries! There are a number of qualified guides for each language. We are confident you will find your perfect itinerary. If, however, you can’t find anything that suits you, please use the field below to let us know. We will work hard for you!

Can I use Tebikii offline?

Of course! Once you have selected your itineraries, use the app to download them on your smartphone before leaving. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, Click here to access the app store. We recommend downloading itineraries through wifi so as not to waste data. Once the itineraries are saved on your smartphone, you can run them offline.

How much does an itinerary cost?

You can download the Tebikii app for free through your app store. On the platform, you will find either free and chargeable itineraries. Each guide is free to decide. For each itinerary, Tebikii estimates a recommended price through a special algorithm that aims at maintaining a certain standard of information quality and quantity. However, the final price is always decided by the tour guide.

Who is allowed to create itineraries on Tebikii?

Certified Tour Guides only!
You have to be a tour guide with a valid official certification to create itineraries on Tebikii. If you are, sign up and start creating your digital itineraries now.

How do I create an itinerary?

First of all, you have to be a certified tour guide.
If you are, sign up and access your personal area with the credentials you will receive at your e-mail address.
Once you log in, you can follow an online wizard to create your itinerary.
In any case you can always count on our support team. You will find the contacts on your personal area.

How much does creating and publishing an itinerary on Tebikii cost?

To learn who is allowed to create itineraries on Tebikii. Read here To learn how to create and publish an itinerary. read here.
The creation and publication of an itinerary on Tebikii is completely free! You can at any time enrich your control panel with a number of useful tools to tweak your research and make your itineraries more and more interesting and complete. To find out how, log in to your user area.

What if I couldn’t find an answer to my questions?

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