About us

Hey there! How you doing? We are glad you are visiting this page.
We don’t know what you expect to find here, and why you ended up on this page.
We should probably tell you something more about us and Tebikii…

Tebikii is a fantastic world full of… ok, got it, you already read this on the home page.

Tebikii is a tool that will turn your holiday into a real experience.

When we travel, we all want to collect memories and go back home richer than we departed.
However, all we usually manage to collect is an SD card or a smartphone full of pictures and videos – which will probably be segregated in a hidden subfolder in your PC to remain there forever – or a number of t-shirts and baseball caps reminding us how much we love the city-I-have-just-visited, not to mention those magnets, keyrings and souvenirs looking all alike, or a pack of postcards – by the way, is there still someone who sends them?
What we want to do is experience. Go back home with something we won’t forget: a story, an anecdote, a curiosity.
This is Tebikii: a website and an app that aims at improving the way of travelling and unveiling the anecdotes, local curiosities, art, culture, customs and traditions that make every single part of this crazy world unique. To do so, we don’t copy and paste information from random websites. We do not even travel the world – that’s actually a pity! - to take notes and describe it from our eyes.

Actually, we do something much better!
We share our powerful platform with real, qualified professionals who have turned their greatest passion into their job: professional local tour guides. Local guides love their hometown and know it like few others. They know every single detail, angle, street, alley, glimpse, color, taste, flavor, noise. They know each artisan, trader, market…

They live there: that’s why we call them “local professional guides”.
They have been working hard to share their knowledge in the best way. The result is passionate, sincere, professional, funny. They never stop sensing their hometown to share their updated knowledge.

It’s as if the town itself was talking to you: that’s what official local guides do.
The Tebikii team is made up of many valuable partners. Among them, a travel blogger (and mom!) with over 15 years’ experience in the field of tourism, a web development team who has created this wonderful website, and many others you’ll get to know time after time.

And, finally, this is us: Claudio, Matteo and Stefano.
We are the three founders of Tebikii, but above all three supporters of a smart, digital, interactive, sustainable - and better! - way of travelling.

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